About Heather Piwowar

Cofounder of ImpactStory (http://impactstory.org). I recently completed a postdoc with Dryad at Duke University, studying the patterns with which researchers share and reuse research data.

Is your CV as good as you are?


When’s the last time you updated your CV?

Adding new papers to a CV is a real pain, and it gets is worse as we start publishing more types of products more often — preprints, code, slides, posters, and so on.  A stale CV reveals an incomplete, dated, less-good version of ourselves — at just the moment when we want to put our best foot forward.

Starting today, Impactstory helps you keep your online identity up to date — we’ve begun automatically finding and adding your new research products to your impact profile, so you don’t have to!

You can now connect your other online accounts to Impactstory in a few seconds. We’ll then watch those accounts; when new products appear there, they’ll automatically show up in your Impactstory profile, too.  Right now you can connect your GitHub, figshare, SlideShare, and ORCID accounts, but that’s just the beginning; we’ll be adding lots more in the coming months. We’re especially excited about adding ways to keep your scholarly articles up-to-date, like Google Scholar does.

Do you want to fill the gaps in your CV with an up-to-date, comprehensive picture of your research and its impact? There’s no better way than with an Impactstory profile. Our signup process is smoother than ever, give it a go!


Welcome to our new hire: Stacy Konkiel!

We’re thrilled to announce that Stacy Konkiel will be joining Impactstory as our Director of Marketing and Research.

Stacy has been in the altmetrics vanguard from the beginning, contributing to PLOS’s early article-level metrics working group, and championing the use of altmetrics in libraries as part of her recent role as Science Data Management Librarian at Indiana University.

Stacy’s communication skills, credibility in the open science and altmetrics communities and–most importantly–her real passion for improving scholarly communication make her the perfect fit at Impactstory. We’re elated to have Stacy as our first hire.

More details to come when Stacy starts in March… we’re just really excited and couldn’t wait to share the news 🙂

Impactstory partners with Altmetric.com

We’re thrilled to announce that starting today, Impactstory will be buying a new data stream: Twitter, G+, and Facebook data from Altmetric.com.

Altmetric have spent years working on the thorny problem of connecting tweets with articles. It’s a tough one: papers may be referred to by a dozen different URLs, a DOI, an arXiv ID, and more. But Altmetric have gotten very good at it–at this point, we believe they’re the best in the world. The upshot? Impactstory’s Twitter coverage just got way better. If you’ve got a profile, check it out: there’s a good chance you’ll see new tweets we hadn’t found before.

Along with tweets, we’ll also be leveraging Altmetric’s infrastructure to find mentions in several brand new environments. Is your scholarship being discussed on Reddit, g+, or Facebook? Starting today, Impactstory will let you know.

This is a big win for our users–both because you’ll see cool new data, and because the Impactstory development team can focus hard on adding features where we add the most value. It’s also kind of a cool moment for the nascent industry growing around altmetrics…we’re all starting to mature, focus, and build around our unique advantages.

Last but not least, Jason and Heather are both happy to be working with Altmetric’s founder and CEO, Euan Adie. He gets the Web, he gets how it’s transforming scholarship, and he’s a legit class act and good guy. So here’s to Euan, here’s to more and better data, and here’s to a successful and productive partnership!

ImpactStory in 2013: by the numbers


Happy New Year, everybody!

We’ve pulled together a quick year end review with fun ImpactStory facts and milestones from 2013.  Check it out, share it, and make a profile if you haven’t already.  We look forward to working together to make 2014 even better!

you asked, you got it: support for arXiv IDs

We love requests for new ImpactStory features.  The second-most requested feature at feedback.impactstory.org has been support for arXiv IDs.  So, starting today, you’ve got’em!

You can import your preprints by arXiv id — we’ll retrieve the title and author list, then look up all the metrics we can find.  Interestingly, arXiv is actively against sharing download stats, but maybe with enough encouragement from you they’ll update their policy?

Thanks for everyone who took the time to vote on the feature, and keep those requests coming!

introducing profile-based embedding

As you’ve noticed, we’ve been focusing hard on new features for ImpactStory profiles.  Today we announce another step towards a great impact profile experience:  a new, simple approach to embedding ImpactStory data on your own website.

An “Embed” link at the top of your profile provides simple HTML code to include in your website.  Just add the line to any webpage and, poof!  Your whole profile is there, with all of your products and their impacts.  You can see it in action on Ross Mounce’s website.

We’ll be decommissioning old-style embedding badges in a month, on January 17th 2014, to streamline our efforts.  We know many of you have included these stand-alone badges on your journal, lab, and personal websites — we’ve loved seeing them there!  We hope you transition to our new embedding model, if it works for you.

We’re deeply committed to great embedding for ImpactStory profiles, because, well, it’s your profile. It should live where you want it to, and look how you want it to look. So we’re excited about continuing to improve the embedding experience. Let us know at feedback.impactstory.org what additional features would help you share your ImpactStory profile in all the ways you want to!

Pull your blog posts (with pageviews!) into ImpactStory

Our blog is part of our scholarly identity, for many of us.  We discuss papers we’ve read, ponder issues we’ve been thinking about, and sometimes release our own early results. Wouldn’t it be great if we could showcase these mini publications on our CV, ideally linked to their readership and discussions in the blogosphere.

Good news: now it’s easy!  Starting today, your blog gets it’s own section on your ImpactStory profile. When you import a blog, we automatically find your most-tweeted posts and pull them into your profile, linked to their tweets, bookmarks, and other metrics. You can curate this list by adding and removing individual posts to feature the ones you’re most proud of.

Even better, if your blog is hosted on WordPress.com you’ll see still more metrics — comments, subscribers, and even pageviews!

We’re excited about the way this rounds out the story you can tell about yourself on your product list, and we think you will be too.  Go give it a try (and if you haven’t done so yet, pull in your top tweets, hook up your figshare account, and add some videos!).

Highlight your best tweets

Do you tweet about your research?  If so, you know meaningful scholarly contributions and conversations happen on Twitter.  In fact, citation guidelines now specify how to cite a tweet [MLA, APA] — a sure indication that tweets are gaining acceptance as mainstream scholarly products.  Which is great… but your twitter contributions don’t make it on to your traditional CV.

We have a solution!  Starting today you can easily highlight your best tweets in your ImpactStory profile!  This allows others to see the work you are most proud of, and makes it easy for you to drill into your impact metrics for your own curiosity:

To get started, just import your Twitter account into ImpactStory.  This will automatically pull in your 10 most popular tweets and their related metrics.  You can also add specific tweets by URL.

We’re excited about this new way to showcase our online scholarly identity, and we think you will be too… give us feedback with your ideas for the future!

import for all occasions

We’re making it easier and more fun to get all of your research into ImpactStory.

Do you have a lot of research at figshare?  Great, just point us to your figshare account!  Or maybe you’ve pulled in coding projects through your Github account.

Starting today, you can also add products from these hosts individually, like datasets you’ve co-authored, or repositories you’ve contributed to.

Just click on the GitHub, figshare, or SlideShare importer tiles and point us to an account, a list of individual products, or both:


Have fun pulling in all of your research products!

Do you have thoughts about other ways it could be easier to get your products into ImpactStory?  We want to hear them!  Suggest and vote at http://feedback.impactstory.org!

New ImpactStory release: better sign-up, easier importing

Head over to your profile on ImpactStory and have a look around — we’ve made some cool updates!

Today’s release includes a smoother sign-up flow for new users, an easy and graphical way to add products to your existing profile, support for more types of research products (Your twitter account!  Your blog on WordPress.com!), and a cleaner profile page.

Check it out, give us feedback, and stay tuned.  We’re super excited because this release is a major update behind the scenes (for our nerdy readers: a rewrite into angular.js) — the stage is set for awesome features in the days, weeks, and months ahead.