Hello! I’m Stacy.

It is with much excitement that I write this post to introduce myself as Impactstory’s Director of Marketing & Research. Like many of you, I’ve watched with admiration as Heather and Jason built a great product that supports their vision of an Open Internet for scientists, where all scholarship gets the credit it deserves for moving knowledge forward.

I come to Impactstory from a tenure-track position at an academic library, where I spent the last few years supporting scientists’ research data management needs. Some of you might also be familiar with my research into how altmetrics can be adopted in research libraries, to the benefit of faculty and librarians alike.

Last week was my first with Impactstory. We spent many long days coding, writing, debating, and strategizing. I’m still exhausted, but also more inspired and happy than I’ve been in quite some time.

So happy, in fact, I’ll share with you some of our short-term plans:

  • Launching our research into the various impacts of scientific software, for which Impactstory recently won an NSF EAGER grant
  • Expanding our efforts to equip our supporters with the means to promote us–and altmetrics, more generally–within their campus and community
  • Continuing to roll out kick-butt features to Impactstory profiles

Stay tuned for more specific updates soon!